Talent management consultancy

Carat is a Talent management consultancy that recognises that the principal task of leaders is to build high performing teams. Our interventions help the top team understand the factors contributing to team and business performance, get feedback on those factors, and address the gaps. Based on extensive research on thousands of teams, we have developed a robust, practical teambuilding road map that uses current issues identified within the business as a starting point.

In the current climate, it is increasingly difficult to keep the balance of business needs whilst looking after our most precious resource, “our people”. It is often too easy to lose focus on what makes businesses great is “Great people”. The message from countless business leaders has been to surround yourself with talented people.

But is it that easy?

It seems that way, but here is the problem that business faces every day. A group of talented individuals come together with a goal intending to form a team. Each team member was selected for their abilities and expertise, yet they do not fuse and realise their objectives; as a team, something was missing. The team never becomes more than the sum of its parts, lacking clear direction and purpose.

When you think about it, humanity’s most significant accomplishments have resulted from team efforts. Ironically, however, organisations are finding it harder, not easier, to build successful teams. Many recent studies have shown that only 20% of teams are considered high performing.

We focus on helping leaders build high-performing teams that can deliver change and unlock growth potential whilst promoting purpose-led sustainable business cultures.

The team has a proven track record of success, helping a wide range of businesses. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of business thinking and observation-based development techniques and leveraging an impressive network of industry-leading experts. Above all, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and experience whilst treating people with care and integrity.

We value people. Value comes from them.