Executive coaching

Executive Coaching is the interactive development process that unlocks / unwraps individual potential. Our coaching approach helps people find within themselves ‘how to do’ solutions, it does not impose ‘what to do’ solutions from outside. The coach’s job is to ask the right questions to help coachees arrive at their own conclusions. We pride ourselves in facilitating the exploration of our coachees’ needs, motivations, desires, skills and thought processes to assist them in developing new ideas, dealing with challenging situations or making real, lasting change.

Our coaches come from various organisational backgrounds, functions and walks of life, but all share our philosophy – we maintain unconditional positive regard for the client, which means that the coach is at all times supportive and non-judgemental of the client, their views, lifestyle and aspirations.

We have experience of both individual and team coaching interventions.

We can also provide training for line managers in house to develop their own coaching skills.