Multi-faceted candidate evaluation

We recognise that many of our clients worry about how well an individual will ‘fit’ into a role or perform. Is there a way that you guarantee that you are recruiting the best person for the job and that they will have the right aptitude and demonstrate the right behaviours to be successful in the role? You may also be wondering how they will integrate within the existing team or how they will be managed effectively.

We believe in multi-faceted candidate evaluation to ensure that we provide you with as reliable an indicator of an individual’s performance in the role as possible. By incorporating a wide variety of assessments we ensure that you measure the correct attributes and competences, (which may be difficult to evaluate in an interview alone) which will provide you with an unbiased and reliable prediction of organisational and role suitability.

Using a range of tools, we can provide a number of assessments including:

• Job Profiling Assessments – clarifying behaviours required to be successful in the role
• Simulation Assessments – evaluating a candidate’s capability to perform in the role
• Aptitude & Ability Assessments – measuring a person’s mental aptitudes
• Personal Profile Assessments – evaluating and matching preference behaviours and job match
• Leadership Assessments – assessing talent and development requirements for succession planning
• Team Assessment – enhancing team effectiveness, cohesion and communication